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The First Italian Team Named Juventus Be Included in FIFA 17

Juventus have become the first Italian team in history to partner with EA Sports, striking a three-year partnership to make FIFA the exclusive and official video game of the Italian giants. Juventus have clearly stated their intentions on the pitch, snapping up Roma's midfielder Miralem Pjanic and Barcelona fullback Dani Alves in the transfer window so far, and the five-time Serie A champs look to further cement their place amongst the best in the world. Here are fresh fifa 17 coins with the cheapest price.


Juventus' management team has placed premium importance on forward-thinking branding and development, and this partnership is just the latest shrewd marketing move on the part of the Bianconeri, who announced the move via a statement on their website. With deals in place with adidas, Jeep, and now EA Sports, Juventus continue to broaden their global marketing appeal by partnering with the world's most successful soccer game.

According to the release: "In addition to new player faces and creating Juventus Stadium through FIFA 17's brand new engine Frostbite, the partnership will see a range of cross-marketing activities during the 2016/17 season including EA SPORTS gaming pods with FIFA 17 located in Juventus Stadium, accessible before the matches and at half time, fan competitions hosted on EA and Juventus digital channels and a dedicated EA SPORTS sponsorship of the Juventus MVP of the month."

Juve's Giorgio Ricci, Head of Global Partnerships and Corporate Revenues weighed in on the move from the bianconeri standpoint, saying: "Juventus' agreement with EA SPORTS is of great importance because it represents the first time that an Italian football club has signed a partnership with the video gaming giant and allows us to truly reach out to the entertainment industry on a worldwide scale given the popularity of FIFA 17 among young people and indeed the rest of the market."


Juventus Players Will Show in the FIFA 17 Frostbite Engine

EA has announced an official partnership with Italian giants Juventus – and released some fine-looking screens of the 32-time domestic champions taken with FIFA 17’s Frostbite engine. Buy fifa 17 coins and play the game.

Gianluigi Buffon, Paul Pogba, Claudio Marchisio, Giorgio Chiellini, and Paulo Dybala are the first names to be confirmed as having been scanned for the game as a result of the partnership. You can see all five on the official FIFA 17 website.

In addition to implementing ‘starheads’ for the majority of the squad, EA has captured Pogba’s dab celebration for inclusion in the game – and added an authentic recreation of the club’s 41,000 capacity stadium in Turin.

The news comes after last week’s reveal of the Japanese J1 league, which sees 18 new clubs, such as Nagoya Grampus and Kashima Antlers, take their series bow.

FIFA 17 is EA’s first football game made using Battlefield’s widely renowned Frostbite engine. It’s made headlines of late for the announcement of a bespoke story mode in this year’s game, called The Journey.

The game hits every format imaginable on 29 September.

FIFA 16 card discuss

Kind of a community circlejerk where people think older players get way lower pace than normal players like it's unusual and now that Ronaldinho is getting really old he's suppose to have Fifa 16 account, really shitty joke, also more shitty considering that the image has the FIFA 14 player card concept which means this "meme" is likely very old and likely re-posted(wrong, comment from OP below for explanation).

It seems like when a player hits 30>32 EA just decide that they lose any athleticism they previously had. Even Henry at 37 years old had 75 pace, but if you watched him in the MLS, he was still rapid when he needed to be.
There are many more examples where this is true. There are probably just as many examples where this isn't true, but players don't just lose that much pace, that quick in 3 months.


I can see where you're coming for and I agree mostly but I what I think is also the reason is that when you age you do not have the same acceleration as you had a young adult, by that I mean people like Mertesacker are fast BUT they take such a long time hitting top speed because of their natural aging and elimination of their acceleration in the process of aging.

Also, about Henry it really wouldn't surprise me about what your're saying because he has the body of a runner and is also really athletic but still you have to give credit to EA for letting Henry have 80+ pace in both FIFA 11 and 12 considering his age back then.

I thought the -1 Pace thing was because he's a lot more lazy with the Fifa 16 coins ps3. Funny that the 'EA downgrades old players' thing didn't come to mind. Well, my common sense tells me that those types of exaggerations are not comedy and my brain assumes this is comedy so yes I did not assume that.

Must haves for FIFA 16

I don't know a lot about what the community has talked about here, but, I really have high hopes for the new FIFA game play wise. That being said, I have some issues with 15 that must be addressed in 16.

-May update breaking youth players from ever growing physical stats. This is insane. It has to be fixed.

-Youth academy players should be more diverse, and you should be able to narrow your search more. Want your scout to find large strikers with Fifa coins? Great. Speedy Strikers? Speedy centre backs for some reason? These are all things that should be searchable, and can't be that hard to program
-A trophy room.

Say you win Serie A... you should see the Serie A trophy with your teams colours on it (streamers or whatever they fancy it up with) and even a team photo with names of all the players. That can't possibly be hard to do and would make the mm so much more enjoyable and satisfying.
-Better stat tracking from year to year for your team and all players. Why can't I see how many goals Ibra pops in France when I'm in Italy?


-On start, a youth squad. The way MM is now every time has zero players in their youth academy. This severely stunts the growth of teams from the beginning for no reason.

-Smarter CPU depth chart management
-Less ridiculous transfers, and less scripted transfers.

This is too late to be added in FIFA 16. It's probably almost finished already.
Though I would like if you could be able to upgrade your staff and arena like you could in the older games. Upgrade your arena to get more ticket sales, upgrade your staff for better training and injury recovery etc.

I only ever had this issue when I never sold anybody. My most recent save I took St. Pauli from B2 to Bundesliga in one season, small increase, to about £2m. Season 2, qualify for Europe through cup, increase to about £8m. Sell Gnabry January of S3 for £40m, make £35m worth of transfers, budget for S4 £20m.

The weird thing is that I got that in a Man City career mode, the board would only give me 60 million dollars and then only give me 10 million when I asked for more Fifa 16 Presentation. I tested it out in another career mode with Man City and was getting upwards of 100 million every year.

FUT16COIN: Real Madrid and FC Barcelona Player Rating

Real Madrid:Casillas 84、Carjaval 80、Ramos 87、Pepe 83、Marcelo 82、Kroos 87、Modric 88、Bale 87、James 87、Ronaldo 93、Benzema 86、Isco 84、Lucas Silva 75、Arbeloa 79、Varane 82、Coentrao 79、Keylor 75.

FC Barcelone:Bravo 84、Alves 83、Pique 87、Mascherano 83、Alba 82、Rakitic 83、Busquets 86、Iniesta 90、Messi 94、Suarez 89、Neymar 88、Xavi 87、Ter Stegen 82.

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When FIFA 16 Will Be Released?

Do you know when FIFA 16 will be released, right ? But what are the FIFA 16 dates for the EA Access subscribers and Season Ticket holders? When the game will hit the shelves of your country ? Check your FIFA 16 date here.


FIFA 16 Release Date: September 24, 2015 (Thursday)
EA Access (XBox One only): September 19, 2015 (Saturday)
Season Ticket (Playstation 3 and XBox 360 only): not available

FIFA 16 Release Date: September 24, 2015 (Thursday)
EA Access (XBox One only): September 19, 2015 (Saturday)
Season Ticket (Playstation 3 and XBox 360 only): September 21, 2015 (Monday)

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