How To Make FIFA 16 More Enjoyable For Everyone

I can see the price ranges can be a good thing but also a bad thing.
if you want to make the game more enjoyable for everyone heres a few things:
Bring out better packs like a free untradeable legend pack every once in a while
give us more money for winning matches like 1500-2500 FIFA Coins

 when we play the legend on a certain difficulty we get a free un/tradeable legend, so if you play on amatuer you get the worst legend and if you play on legendary you get a better chance of getting the likes of pele maldini beckenbauer etc. but you can only the team once on every difficulty

the same goes for the team of the week but we can only play that once every week.


set targets for certain players in a certain position so if a striker scores a certain amount of goals his gets upgraded to an inform card or if midfielder get a certain amount of goals and assists he gets upgraded and if a golakeeper and defender get a certain amount of clean sheets he gets upgraded.
and you should be able to open FUT 16 Coins packs
No price cap/locking on fut
and bring out untradeable retro packs
and how to make fifa 16 career mode and pro clubs better
Have the Puskas award on career mode and have team of the year on it aswell as goal of the season.

Online career mode

More hair styles on pro clubs

Create your own kit and an badge for pro clubs

No scripting

Better gameplay