FIFA 16 card discuss

Kind of a community circlejerk where people think older players get way lower pace than normal players like it's unusual and now that Ronaldinho is getting really old he's suppose to have Fifa 16 account, really shitty joke, also more shitty considering that the image has the FIFA 14 player card concept which means this "meme" is likely very old and likely re-posted(wrong, comment from OP below for explanation).

It seems like when a player hits 30>32 EA just decide that they lose any athleticism they previously had. Even Henry at 37 years old had 75 pace, but if you watched him in the MLS, he was still rapid when he needed to be.
There are many more examples where this is true. There are probably just as many examples where this isn't true, but players don't just lose that much pace, that quick in 3 months.


I can see where you're coming for and I agree mostly but I what I think is also the reason is that when you age you do not have the same acceleration as you had a young adult, by that I mean people like Mertesacker are fast BUT they take such a long time hitting top speed because of their natural aging and elimination of their acceleration in the process of aging.

Also, about Henry it really wouldn't surprise me about what your're saying because he has the body of a runner and is also really athletic but still you have to give credit to EA for letting Henry have 80+ pace in both FIFA 11 and 12 considering his age back then.

I thought the -1 Pace thing was because he's a lot more lazy with the Fifa 16 coins ps3. Funny that the 'EA downgrades old players' thing didn't come to mind. Well, my common sense tells me that those types of exaggerations are not comedy and my brain assumes this is comedy so yes I did not assume that.