Using this Strategy During FIFA 20 TOTY (January)/TOTS (June)

Here are a few notes U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Teams made regarding the price evolution of these cards and how they are likely to go based on the previous year’s research U4GM have undertaken:
– In the first couple of days the prices will be all over the place as expected and usually they will be extremely high as players are more rare to begin with, so don’t touch them.

- Any TOTS card that replaces any other IF or TOTY card as the best version of a certain player will make that previous card lose a lot of value. This usually occurs within the first 6 hours of the new release.

- If a TOTS card is inferior to the previous TOTY card of a particular player, the price will always be under the previous TOTY card price.

- After a week, when another TOTS is released, the market is flooded with cards from the previous weeks team and people start thinking they have to sell soon or they will lose money so the cards lose value.

- After around 2/3 weeks after the TOTS card is released, the price usually goes back up gradually due to the point stated before and the market becoming more balanced.

- During the week of a TOTS release, it’s expected that the price of Gold players from that particular league that gets the TOTS, raises slightly for a couple of days, and then goes back down to their previous price the following week.

It is impossible to predict the exact prices of these players so be sure to fully research the items before you look to invest or trade with these big money players.
So, any TOTS/TOTY release is not only a great timing to be doing this IF investment strategy but also the time to be stocking up on cheap players if you can find them and if you don’t mind, holding on to them and waiting for the perfect timing to sell them in the market. If you are careful, follow these tips and invest sensibly then this becomes a high probability/low risk trade, which are always the ones you should be looking to take.