FIFA 20 Shooting From Distance

Long shots are something that takes some perfecting but are one of the most rewarding things to do on FIFA 20. Cheap FIFA 20 Coins Seller U4GM have a few tips to help you score more spectacular goals from range.


Power bar

Now, this does vary slightly and is kind of hard to provide a definitive mark on what type of power you should be using as it varies from player-to-player. As a general rule, if you’re anywhere over 30 yards, then it must be over around / slightly over 3 bars of power. 40 yards, and you’re looking at pretty much filling the bar, just somewhat less as everyone could only hold the shoot button until it filled it. Anywhere between 18-30 and you’re looking about 2.5 bars of power.


Bear in mind who is taking the shot
This is relatively obvious, but U4GM feel we should mention it as, the amount of times U4GM see people shooting who U4GM know don’t have any of the traits needed for shooting, is baffling. Try to make sure you’re shooting from a distance with high ratings in the following areas: shot power, long shots, finishing, curve AND with the long shot taker trait, ideally.


Is there pressure?
To score a long shot, you need to make sure that your player isn’t being hampered in any way. By that, U4GM mean that there is bright space in front of him and that no opposition player is pulling at the player or attempting to tackle them. This makes the shot less accurate and vastly reduces the chance of success.


TIP: Combine knocking the ball in front of you or when the ball is rolling to you with a timed finish to give you a higher percentage chance of scoring from a distance. Remember to power up your shot before it gets to your player and then taps the shoot button as your player is about to strike the ball.