FIFA 20 Advanced defending crosses and corners tutorial

Firstly, you need to make sure you have control of a man outside the box (as we discussed previously). They MUST be outside the box because of air balls for player switching settings. This means when the cross or corner is delivered towards your area, the game will automatically select the best player in the area for you. If you want to guard the edge of the Area, control you or that man could choose the forward man and take as far to the wing as possible before they take the corner. You must be quick to get this done and if they deliver immediately when the screen loads, then you have to be very quick to follow the instructions below. Now this next bit is crucial:

1. You must move your left stick towards where the cross incoming from to ensure your defender gets his body in front of the attacker. On the diagram, you can see we’re holding towards ← (and slightly down) on our controller. While you’re doing this, you need to tap the shoot button (as we’ve explained previously this will make your defender attack the ball more aggressively).

2. Next, you need to hold the shoot button down to power up your bar fully. (You don’t tap the shoot button continuously as we’ve seen others suggesting to do.

3. Then, just before contact is made with the ball with your defender WITHOUT letting go of your left stick, simply shift across on the angle to any of the following depending on the ball trajectory ↖ (low ball height/near post), ↑ (medium ball height/middle of the goal), ↗ (high ball height/far post looping ball). If you do this too early, you’re risking letting the attacker get in front of your defender, so you have to time this well.



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